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2009-2024 Sports Odds Files


2009-2024 Sports Odds Files


2009-2024 Sports Odds Files

OddsWarehouse NHL Historical Odds Database


2009-2024 Sports Odds Files

OddsWarehouse MLS Historical Odds Database


2010-2024 Sports Odds Files

OddsWarehouse MLS Historical Odds Database


2010-2024 Sports Odds Files

OddsWarehouse MLS Historical Odds Database

La Liga

2010-2024 Sports Odds Files

OddsWarehouse MLS Historical Odds Database


2012-2024 Sports Odds Files

OddsWarehouse WTA Women's Tour Odds Database

ATP Tour

2009-2024 Sports Odds Files

OddsWarehouse WTA Women's Tour Odds Database

WTA Tour

2010-2024 Sports Odds Files

OddsWarehouse 2024 Flash Sale Historical Sports Databases

About Us

Welcome to Odds Warehouse, a site dedicated to providing you with the most relevant and advantageous sports statistics that will give you the insight you need to succeed in sports betting and daily fantasy sports. Spreadsheets containing years’ worth of historical betting odds and statistics are now available for instant download.

We offer two main products on our site. The first product is our Historical Sports Odds Databases, which contain game-by-game details related to sports betting such as point spreads, money lines, and over/under point totals. The second product we offer is our Daily Fantasy Sports Databases, which contain statistics for each player of a sport throughout multiple seasons, specifically focusing on key drivers for performance on DFS sites like DraftKings and FanDuel.

Generally speaking, here at Odds Warehouse we believe sports betting should be treated as a financial investment. As with any other financial investment, proper research leads to greater control over your money, and greater profitability over time. These statistical databases will allow you to uncover the infinite number of trends and opportunities that are present in sports betting today. Armed with these tools, you will effectively move yourself from a sports gambler to a sports investor.

It’s no mystery as to why sportsbooks around the world rake in millions of dollars every year, and there are only a handful of players on sites like DraftKings and FanDuel that consistently win over time. There is a never-ending supply of people who think they know enough about sports to make their own picks and beat the book. Sportsbooks and DFS professionals thrive on people like this because they know that in the long run, these bettors and players never win. If you’re sick and tired of being one of these people, throwing your hard- earned money away to the sportsbooks, then do yourself a favor and download our stats. Once you take a look at the historical trends, you will develop betting systems that will yield you positive cash flow for the rest of your life.

Other sites are currently charging hundreds of dollars for historical betting data. For a fraction of the cost, you can instantly download our stats in a csv file format, allowing you to analyze the data in Microsoft Excel, Access, SQL Server, or any other data analysis program.

Product Details

This is a one-time purchase which grants you access to download our historical odds databases for seven days after the initial purchase. We strive to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information, and have gone through great due diligence to make sure our databases are error-free. However, please realize that databases of this magnitude can contain small errors or discrepancies that are difficult to find. If you should find such a discrepancy, please contact us at support@oddswarehouse.com.

Please see our Terms of Use section for important information regarding use of this product.

Using an OddsWarehouse historical odds database, I developed a system that consistently hits throughout the year. I’m +35 units on the season.
NHL Odds Database User
I’m now consistently in the money in my Draftkings contests with the Daily Fantasy Sports data from OddsWarehouse. Well worth the subscription price!
NBA Daily Fantasy Subscriber
This data is perfect for testing my betting systems! I made my investment back on my very first bet!
NBA Odds Database User

Sample Database

To provide you with more clarity and confidence before you purchase, we’ve included a free sample download of each database. Click the link below to download a free sample database that will allow you to view the columns provided within each dataset.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the product delivered after purchase?

After your payment is complete, you will be directed to a download page where you can instantly obtain the product that you purchased.

What is the source of the odds?

We aggregate odds from several major sportsbooks in order to reduce anomalies within the data.

Do you offer updates to returning customers?

Yes! Returning customers can obtain updated databases for a fraction of the cost at any time.

Other questions?

Feel free to contact us at support@oddswarehouse.com with any other questions!